Hoang An

Hoàng Ân Gas Co., LTD operates in 4 fields: manufacturing gas, leasing gas truck, seting up industrial gas tubes and supplying gas to gas store.

About this project

DCT's consultants hear and understand clearly about issues of Hoang An to give them advices and introduce the appropriate product package.

They cannot see the overview of their business because of using out of date software to manage, scattered data and difficult managing vehicle tracking.


The issues of Hoang An have been resolved effective by Customized Decom package. DCT offers a customized Decom package that includes basic business management packages plus vehicle tracking system software. Decom combined all features of old software and optimized, company can see overview business easier and more exactly. By using vehicle tracking app, time to is shorter.

  • Combined all features of old software.

  • Optimized Decom package.

  • Managed vehicle tracking by app.

Adopting modern technology in business help me managing company easier and more than effective.

Hoang An