Anh Duy Audio

Anh Duy International Co., LTD distributes speaker and audio equipment and have 2 stores at HCM City and 1 store at HN. After a long time of operation, they realized weakness in their management and look for some solutions from DCT.

About this project

DCT's consultants hear and understand clearly about issues of Anh Duy to give them advices and introduce the appropriate product package

Using excels to manage business is a reason of wasting time to put data in computer and analyze data to make financial reports. Besides that, it is so difficult to managing their inventory.


The issues of Hoang An have been resolved effective by Customized Decom package. DCT offers a customized Decom package that includes basic business management packages plus SCM - supply chain management. All products are marked with barcode to avoid the loss. The financial data and the amount of inventory are updated in real time. So enterprises easily follow and propose appropriate marketing strategies and any problem is also solved quickly.

  • Concentrated data as desired.
  • Managing warehouse more professional with barcode.
  • Show financial reports and financial ratios of interest.


The market has a lot of management software. However, in order to maximize efficiency, an integrated software to assess overview is better than.

Anh Duy Audio

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